And it all starts with the highest quality materials, offering magical luminescence and superior longevity, allowing our Metal Prints to endure the Test of Time!

That’s why all of MDTripp’s Art is printed using the highest quality high-definition Chromaluxe dye sublimation process. This means the image is first printed onto a sheet of transfer paper and then placed onto a pre-treated piece of aluminum metal. It is then placed into the sublimation heat press at the precise temperature for the perfect transfer, yielding the most vivid colors. Truly, this process creates a luminescent piece of art that looks as though it is radiating off of the metal displaying rich, vibrant color.

Due to this intense heat transfer, the dye permeates beneath the surface coating of the metal, creating a water, scratch and dirt resistant piece of art. Having the dye beneath the surface also gives the piece itself a highly durable, vibrant appearance with breathtaking radiance, keeping its value through time. The lightweight nature of the aluminum metal also makes it easy to mount and hang even at larger sizes.>

With the purchase of one of MDTripp's highly collectible, unique pieces of art, you can be assured the color will remain a brilliant, rich, high gloss surface for unsurpassed detail and striking vibrance. Enriching your life for years to come.