Matthew D. Tripp

Currently, Matthew D. Tripp resides in the South East part of the United States. As a photographer and digital artist, he brings a world of creative and professional experiences to his vibrant digital expressions. MDTripp’s work is simultaneously ethereal and terrestrial. His latest work explores the nature of light, form, and color, presenting images that, while rooted in abstraction, speak to the familiar viscera of the body, both human and beyond.

Born in Windsor, Ontario, MDTripp spent his youth living throughout the United States, until high school, when he was given the opportunity to travel the world with his Parents. This experience is woven into the complexity and vibrance of his work. After high school, MDTripp moved to New York City, where he attended Pratt Institute. Upon graduating, he spent two years exploring the world, having the opportunity to photograph human interest stories for the magazine Manja based out of Singapore before returning to New York City.

Throughout his eighteen years in NYC, MDTripp worked in numerous capacities as a photographer, videographer, video editor, special events producer, and assistant art director. Over his long and successful career, MDTripp has gained an impressive range of skills as an artist, director, producer, and visionary.

As an independent artist, MDTripp finds inspiration immersed in nature and traveling the world. At its core, MDTripp’s Painting with Light elicits wonder, curiosity, feeling, and personal interpretations of one’s own realities. His creations evoke the surreal, employing the energy to convey vitality and imagination. Time spent with MDTripp’s most recent work elicits instantaneous emotion and facilitates fresh, subjective perspectives.

The most recent collection from MDTripp—Painting with Light—combines methods and mediums to create something elegant, electric, surreal, and refined. To further enhance the visual brilliance of each unique image, MDTripp uses a Chromaluxe High-Definition Metal Dye Sublimation process which is infused directly onto pure aluminum sheets.

The artworks presented in Painting with Light presents each viewer with a unique opportunity to contemplate their own individual interpretations, insights, and emergent visions of a new and highly individual world.